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Do you have a civil dispute on your hands that you can't seem to solve? It might be time to get a workers' comp attorney on your side. Gregory Ward Attorney At Law is Lexington, KY's attorney of choice. Sometimes, disputes have to be handled in a legal matter. When that happens, give Gregory Ward a call - he's here to help. 

Handling all civil cases

The mission of Gregory Ward Attorney At Law is to make sure you get the treatment you deserve and the benefits to which are entitled. Gregory Ward is specialized in resolving disputes involving:
  • Social Security
  • Disability
  • SSI
  • Worker's Compensation
Need more information? Contact the office of Gregory Ward Attorney At Law in Lexington, KY today to find out more or to make an appointment with a workers' comp attorney you can count on. Take the first step towards getting your legal issue resolved - call today.

Your voice when you need one

Laws are complicated. It can be tough to accomplish the task that you have in mind. Gregory Ward Attorney at Law will be happy to be your voice for you. When you enlist Gregory Ward to be your workers' comp attorney, you can trust that your case will be listened to and understood.
More importantly, Gregory Ward will plead your case for you and do whatever he can to help you resolve your legal matter. If you have been denied benefits, call for a free consultation or to make an appointment at our Lexington office at (859) 255-8704.

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